Fumiyaen since 1969
utensils in the tea room Since 1969 Fumiyaen has been offering high-quality utensils used for the Japanese tea ceremony (lit. the way of tea, chanoyu or chado) which was established under the strong influence of Zen Buddhism. We merchandise a wide range of the tea ceremony utensils including tea bowls, tea caddies, hanging scrolls, flower vases, folding fans and handbags. All of our items are made by the great contemporary potters, distinguished calligraphers or manufacturers whose methods have been handed down from generation.

Tea ceremony is the act of a ritual preparing and serving the powdered green tea (matcha) and has been developed since the 9th century with various elements, such as tea rooms, gardening, flower arrangement, food, manners and the utensils.

In accordance with the development of the tea ceremony, the utensils have been improved and refined in many ways. With the practical utility their high artistic quality was recognized and they became the subjects of collection and appreciation as well.

For a long time most of the tea ceremony utensils have been trading among Japanese tea people (masters or learners) in Japanese language inside of Japan and it was so far difficult for other people to obtain them lightheartedly. Our mission is to make the high-quality Japanese tea ceremony utensils available for people all over the world at fair prices.

If you are new to Japanese tea ceremony, please see our advice for buying first tea utensils page or visit our official blog for getting started. If you have any questions please contact us via the inquiry form.

Thanks for visiting our online shop. We hope you will enjoy matcha tea time.

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