Shochikubai *2 Options [14-0013]

Shochikubai *2 Options [14-0013]

Our Selling Price: US$12.99(tax incl.)

Prices vary according to options.

Shipping Weight: 150g

A Sensu folding fan with popular Sho (pine, also read 'matsu') Chiku (bamboo, also read 'take') Bai (Japanese apricot, also read 'ume') motif. Please choose from 2 options - unlacquered (US$12.99) or black-lacquered (US$14.99) as below - see 'Other Images.'

Item Description

Condition New
Dimensions Radius 15 cm / 5.9"
Material Wood and Paper
Season All year round
Box w/o Box

Other Images

  • Unlacquered (US$12.99)
  • Black-Lacquered (US$14.99)