Tsuchida Yuko Jouou [08-0010]

Tsuchida Yuko Jouou [08-0010]

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Top quality Kobukusa made by Tsuchida Yuko. With the traditional pattern of "Jouou," one of the famed fabrics (Meibutsugire).

The pattern of Jouou features the arabesque (Karakusa) with dragons on the dark blue background. It was named after Takeno Jouou (1502-1555) who was a teacher of Sen no Rikyu (1522-1591).

Tsuchida Yuko is a bag maker (Fukuroshi) and one of the ten artisan families in House of Sen (Senke Jissoku). The present head is the twelfth generation.

Item Description

Manufacturer Tsuchida Yuko, Japan
Condition New
Dimensions 15 x 16 cm / 5.9" x 6.3"
Material Silk
Season All year round
Box Paper Box

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